Black Spinel ION Plated Brass Ring

Black Spinel ION Plated Brass Ring

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Designed with sheer perfection, this black spinel ring is truly enthralling. The spinel ranks eight on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it is suitably scratch resistant and durable. Dark and opaque, the black spinel is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to own a black gemstone. When polished, the gem possesses a vitreous luster, similar to the sparkle and shine of cut glass. Furnished in intricately crafted frame of 18 K yellow gold ion plated brass, the piece displays a dramatic allure that will add magnificence to your styling. Inspired from Vintage Filigree metal art work, with a stark black palette resembling a starless night sky. 

Spinel Oval 14x10 mm Faceted; TGW 7.55 cts;

Size 6.

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